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Micro Culture Insert

Generating primary neuron cultures easily


MCI -- Microfluid Culture Insert

Generate robust cell cultures and co-cultures easily. Especially powerful for primary cell and neuron cultures. PLL/collagen coated, optically clear, sterile, ready to use... 


Product format:

The handling of MCI is easy and convenient:

MCI is compatible with standard multi-well plates for cell cultures. MCI can be placed into and removed from the wells of multi-well plates.

You can carry out typical cell culture procedures the same way as usual, such as viewing and imaging live cells, changing culture medium, performing cell transfections, trypsinizing and harvesting cells, lysing cells and collecting cell lysate, fixing cells and immuno-staining, or mounting cultured neurons on slides after staining.

How can our Microfluid Culture Insert make your cell cultures robust?

The Problems:

Serious problems occur in most traditional cell culture systems. For instance, conditioned culture medium is essential to many cell types for optimal growth and responsiveness, but typical large volumes of culture medium dilute the concentrations of secreted cell factors and thus significantly slow down and de-potentiate the life events of the cells in culture. In contrast with in vivo environments, free bulk flow of culture liquid perturbs local chemical gradients, which may impair signaling and disturb cell behaviors. Resulting assay data may be weak, excessively variable and potentially misleading.

The Solution:

Using micro-fluidic design and engineering strategies, neuVitro has developed MCI, a new model for cell culture technology. With MCI, the free flow of culture medium can be substantially eliminated, stabilizing local gradient profiles of factors secreted by cultured cells. At the same time, the volume of immobilized culture medium surrounding the cultured cells is reduced several hundred fold, which enables rapid accumulation of secreted factors to high levels, accelerating cell establishment, growth, differentiation, or maturation accordingly. If needed, cells can be cultured successfully at very low density. This innovative culture system more nearly mimics in vivo conditions for effective cell signaling and responsiveness, unlike what one sees in traditional  culture systems.

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  MCI microfluid cell culture

Generating robust cell cultures easily. Especially powerful for primary cell and neuron cultures, poly-L-lysine coated, optically clear, sterile, ready to use... 



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