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Re-Think Transfection

The Revolutionary Thinking


How can a simple thinking make huge differences?

The Question:

It is well known that transfection of primary neurons is the hardest one among all kinds of cell types. Users are struggling with a variety of means aiming to overcome the difficulties of their challenged primary neuron transfections, such as Lipofactmine from Invitrogen, FuGene 6 from Roche, Effectene from Qiagen, TurboFect from Fermentas, NeuroPorter from Simga-Aldrich. In addition of the lipid transfection reagents, other types of approaches have also been explored, such as magnetic particles, balistic particles, and electroporators. All of the reagents have been claimed as the best from high reputation companies. Here is what you want to know:

The Problem:

Why have the best cell transfection reagents from the best companies used by the best laboratories failed to gain the best transfection results? 

The Vision:

Attentions have been wrongly focused!

The cell transfection reagent plays ONLY a minor role in the success of cell transfection!

The death of transfected cells is the root cause of failures!

With Re-Think Transfection technology, your transfection results should be better than those seen for any methods mentioned above.

The Confidence:

How can the performance of RTT system be better than that of all the best transfection reagents?

It is simple. We see the root cause of failures that others did not.

The RTT Solution:

neuVitro has taken a system engineering approach to design RTT technologies. We focus on the viability of your cells, instead of developing a stand-alone box of transfection kit. Our RTT technology will show you how to create energized primary cells before transfection and how to regain their health rapidly after transfection so that the majority of your patient thrive. You should easily see a robust increase in your transfection efficiency.

neuVitro Expertise


  German glass coverslips 

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Coated with poly-L-lysine (PLL), poly-D-lysine (PDL), rat tail collagen, tested for primary cell and neuron culture, starting $55/box



  Rapid genotyping system

One-step DNA extraction from tissue to genotyping PCR, no spin no purification



Run gel in dd-water

See you PCR and genotyping results in 6 min with straight banding technology...



  MCI microfluid cell culture

Generating robust cell cultures easily. Especially powerful for primary cell and neuron cultures, poly-L-lysine coated, optically clear, sterile, ready to use... 



  Re-think transfection

Think you already have the best cell transfection techniques? Think again! See how to make huge differences by a simple thinking...