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Live cell imaging & high content screening


"I am very successful when culturing primary neurons on your coated coverslips, but failed to culture them on glass bottom dishes and multi-well plates of other companies. Can you custom coat dishes for me to do live cell imaging?"

This kinds of question were sent to us frequently from our customers because they knew how excellent Neuvitro coating is in cell culture.

Here we need to express our apology to our customers because we did not tell customers clearly that Neuvitro coated coverslip is the best and is readily to go for live cell imaging applications, because:

  • Healthy and energized cell culture is required to obtain useful microscope images of cells.

  • Cristal clear German glass is required to obtain zero background in live imaging of cells.

  • Neuvitro coated German coverslip is the only product meet both demands of high quality cell culture and high quality cell imaging.

Here is live cell imaging protocol:

  • Culture your cells on Neuvitro coated coverslips as usual.

  • When ready to do live cell imaging, transfer a coverslip from culture well to a holding chamber (see a list of holding chamber manufacturer below) and add culture medium (or your live cell imaging solution) into the holding chamber to immerse the cells.

  • Take live cell images as needed.

  • Remove the coverslip from holding chamber and put it back to culture well.

  • Resume cell culture.

Here is the steps in determining which coverslip and holding chamber is the best for your live cell imaging projects:

  • Decide how big is the culture area you needed. Neuvitro provides coverslilps ranging from 12mm to 25mm in diameter and provides excellent coating of PDL, PLL, PLO, collagen, gelatin, laminin, fibronectin, etc. to meet your needs.

  • Decide which coating substrate is the best compatible to your cells.

  • Order the correct diameter, thickness, and coating substrate from Neuvitro and start your cell culture.

  • Find the holding chamber from the list below according to your application needs.

  • Order that holding chamber from your preferred company and get it ready for live cell imaging.

List of holding chamber suppliers for live cell imaging using Neuvitro coated coverslips:

  • Attofluor™ Cell Chamber, for microscope images of cells alive, from

  • The Closed Perfusion Chamber (MS-CPC) for live cell imaging, from

  • Coverslip chamber for live cell imaging from

  • Open Diamond Bath Imaging Chambers for live cell imaging, from

  • Life Imaging Ludin Chamber for live cell imaging, from

Thank you for being Neuvitro customer.

Polyethyleneimine (PEI) is a high strength cell attachment factor for cell culture

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