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About Us

The Mission

Utilizing our hands-on experience of challenged cell cultures, our state of the art facilities, and expertise of advanced bio-coating to support life science researchers with top quality products for the studies of cells and neurons in vitro.

The number 1 manufacturer in the world

Neuvitro Corporation has been quietly conducting its R&D to pursue innovations in cell biology.

Based on the completion of 7 IP innovations and modern facilities, Neuvitro is now established as the number 1 manufacturer in the world capable of coating German coverslips with substrates of PDL, PLL, Collagen, Gelatin, Laminin, Fibronectin, PDL+Laminin, PDL + Fibronectin, PDL+Laminin+Fibronectin, etc.

The Neuvitro brand name

Neuvitro is the brand name of Neuvitro Corporation. Via word of the mouth among researchers, Neuvitro brand is getting its popularity and was  selected by international schools and programs as assigned material in their lectures, experiments, and literature.

Neuvitro Corporation is also an authorized vendor of numerous Universities, institutes, and pharmaceutics, such as:

Universities: Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, John Hopkins, Baylor, Cornell,...

Institutes: NIH, NASA, HHMI, MIT, Caltech, Cold Spring Harbor, Scripps, Laurence Livermore, ....

Pharmaceutics: Amgen, pFizer, Biogen, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Gilead, GT Biotech, Coopervision, ...

As always, Neuvitro Corporation is again the only company to coat 1.5H High performance coverslips with a variety of substrates for super resolution microscopy applications.


We are the documented source of your research needs in cell culture, fluorescent imaging, live cell imaging, or high content cell imaging.

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