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Poly D lysine coated coverslips

Neuvitro Corporation owns the leading technology to provide professional coating with the broadest coverage of substrates, such as PDL, PLL, PLO, Collagen, Gelatin, Laminin, Fibronectin, PDL+Laminin, PDL + Fibronectin, PLO+Laminin, PLO+Fibronectin, PDL+Laminin+Fibronectin, etc. The majority of coated German coverslips available from Electron Microscopy Science, ThermoFisher Scientific, and VWR is actually manufactured by Neuvitro Corporation.

Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) is a synthetic amino acid chain that is positively charged and is used as coating substrate to enhance cell attachment and adhesion to both plastic ware and glass surfaces. neuVitro has developed professional  coating protocol to generate the superior coverslips for challenged cultures, such as primary pure neuronal culture shown at right (picture from feedback of neuvitro customer using GG-18-PDL).

Poly-d-lysine coating coverslips

PDL coated coverslips for primary neuronal culture
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